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Angel Healing Therapy Course With Adhyatmik Vikas Mission

‘Angels’ known as spiritual beings, messenger of god and many other names as well. They are always ready to help you, want to help you and they show you right way and they are a spiritual healer as well. There are many facts and myths about angels, but one truth that everyone must know that, angels will help you, angels will show you right way, but angels never interfere in anyone’s life. If you want their help, then you have to ask them, they will only show you right way, if you want benefit with their advice or help, then you have to walk, neither they will walk on the way behalf of you nor force you to walk on the way. How angels help us, we have already discussed in previous blogs, now we will discussabout, what is angel healing? and how angels heal us? What is angel healing? Angels are natural healer or you can say spiritual healers, they are a form of energy. Angel healing is a process, in which angelic energy healing balance with the person with the help of angels because angels are highly charged and fully integrated with higher dimensions. Therefore, it is very important to balance all chakras to absorb the energy of angels. Angels around us. Know we know that the creator grants us by birth with two guardian angels for helping us in all aspects of life, but there are other angels as well who help us in healing, for good health. Guardian Angels are like everyone’s birth right, each and every person has his/her two guardian angels, whether they believe on them or not.

Guardian Angels always with you, they know your feelings, thoughts, what is good and bad for you and they can and they want to assist you to achieve your life purpose. Archangelsare associated with the healing purpose. They help or you can say they are healers for every problem of yours. Each Archangel has a particular color or a ray or aura. Archangels can be present on the multiple places with many people at the same time, therefore, you can call them anytime, anywhere and they will come to you within seconds. Most known Archangels are: ArchangelChamuel is also known as ‘Angel of Love’. This angel is associated with pink color and stands for love and forgiveness. ArchangelGabriel is associated with white and gold color and stands for purity, clarity and joy. ArchangelRaphael is associate with green color and they stand for healing, practicality. Likewise, there are many more Archangels. When you do Angel Therapy, then you will learn about all. For Angelic healing process the individual must follow the four steps: First step- relaxed yourself by body, by mind and by thoughts. Second step- focus and trust on the divine love and unconditional love for you. Third step- listen your inner voice or angel’s voice or psychic senses. Fourth step- release your pains, illness, problems and allow the angels to manifest and solve them. Angel healing process purely follow the spiritual path. So let angels assist you for goodness and peaceful life, because they are always ready and want to help us, just need to trust and call with your loving heart.

What is Angel Therapy

आप सभी ने काल्पनिक कथायो और काहनियो में ANGELS का जिक्र सुना होगा | बचपन में हमे ANGELS की कहानिया आकर्षित करती थी पर अधिकतर हम इनको केवल एक दंतकथा मानकर नज़रंदाज़ कर देते है | आपने अपने जीवन में कभी ना कभी मुसीबतों का सामना किया होगा और उन मुसीबतों से ऊबरे भी होंगे |अकस्मात पहाड़ जेसी मुसीबत के समय में जब आपकी सहायता के लिए कोई मौजूद नहीं होता तब चमत्कारिक ढंग से कोई न कोई अनजान व्यक्ति बिना किसी लाभ के आपकी मदद के लिए पहुच जाता है| उस समय वही व्यक्ति आपको किसी फरिश्ते से कम नही लगता | यक़ीनन आपको मुसीबतों से निकालने के लिए और कोई नहीं ANGELS की करिश्माई शक्ति ही आपकी साहयक के रूप में आती है | हमारे जन्म के साथ ही दो देवदूत शक्तियाँ हमारे साथ सदा चलती है| पर हममे से अधिकतर लोगो को ANGELS से सम्पर्क साधने का तरीका ही नही आता | आप भी ANGELS से संपर्क बना सकते है और दिव्यता का अनुभव कर सकते है | अपनी हर समस्या का निदान आप ANGELS से स्वयं प्रश्न करके कर सकते है | अध्यात्मिक विकास मिशन आपको ANGELS को बुलाने की और उनसे संपर्क साधने की अद्भुत प्रक्रिया सिखाएगा जो आपके जीवन में एक शक्तिशाली आयाम को जोड़ देगा जो आपके वर्तमान और भविष्य में सकारात्मकता का निर्माण करेगा | ‘अध्यात्मिक विकास मिशन’ केंद्र पर शनिवार और रविवार को विशिष्ट रूप से ANGELS की शक्तियों से शिष्यों को अवगत कराया जाता है और पूरी प्रक्रिया को अनुभवी मास्टरों द्वारा सिखाया जाता है |

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Angel Therapy

प्रत्यक्ष को प्रमाण की आवश्यकता नहीं ,इसीलिए यदि आप भी angels की शक्तियों द्वारा स्वयं को ऊच्स्तर आयाम तक ले जाना चाहते है तो आपका स्वागत है इस विशेष कार्यक्रम में, स्वयं अनुभव कीजिये अब तक का अनदेखा व् अनसुना शक्तिशाली सकरात्मक एहसास |

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