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What is Reiki? | Benefits of Reiki | How does Reiki work?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing energy gaining worldwide popularity among humans as it is now considered to be the one of the best form of alternative therapy and energy medicine. Combination of two words Rei (Nature or Universe) and key ( life’s energy or force ). What is Reiki – It is Simple and easy to understand reiki can be practiced by any age group caste, creed or sex etc. Self care is the best option and reiki for healing is the smartest way to use it as a precaution from numerous ailments. Reiki is a powerful healing tool rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan and has its roots nurtured by the mystics and sages of India. Higher dimension energy bestowed upon to reiki masters is a wonderful gift for reiki healers by the almighty. Reiki in itself is a storehouse of potential healing energies which enters through energy channels and chakras and vibrate at higher pace. Reiki act as a catalyst force which speed up the positive energies and start to eradicate and replace negative stagnant blockages within which are the effectuate of plethora of illness and borne diseases.

Benefits of Reiki

  • 1. At the very first moment Reiki tends to show its impactful positive effects on mind and reiki for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, insanity and other mental problems are efficaciously treated by Reiki.

  • 2. Reiki is a holistic therapy system initiates an overall well being of an individual by boosting up the immune system and prevents many infectious and non infectious malady.
  • 3. Reiki is a spiritual and natural healing practice, thus there are no side effects of Reiki and cannot harm a person in any way.

  • 4. Reiki does not involve any religious practice. An atheist or non believer can easily practice Reiki energy medicine by following the simple guided meditation and techniques instructed by the Reiki master.

  • 5. Investment of time in practicing Reiki improves one’s wisdom and intellect. Sharpened mind with incredible concentration, focus and control on emotions empowers us to hold our own success and destiny and shape it according to our designed wishes.

How does Reiki work?

As discussed Reiki is a universal life force which activates in the palm or feet of the person and the master channelized the vibrating energy ball into the observed blocked part of the unfit student. Reiki healing sessions conducted by Adhyatmik Vikas Mission compiled a comprehensive Reiki course which includes practical and theoretical knowledge of Reiki. At the beginning students are exposed to Reiki Level 1,the foundation level giving the base knowledge of Reiki. Then the self aura cleaning and direct healing practical being done to pacify them internally so in order to activate Reiki higher energy and let students progress in Reiki healing techniques speedily. Thereafter going through meditations and practicals a student reaches the second level of Reiki adding the extra layer of Reiki distance healing and remote healing which gives the advantage to heal anyone, sitting in any location in the world. Moreover an individual begin to accelerate in improving his mental, emotional, physical and financial issues gradually depending on his Reiki practice. Reiki includes five levels and each level takes a day to complete. As one grows spiritually in Reiki Levels his/her higher intrinsic energies enhances and build up purity of thoughts, divinity and overall wellbeing.

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