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An advancing stage rising above the basic level will help you to achieve healing powers in less amount of time. With the reduction in time quick way of treatment is possible in the 2nd level of Reiki. This level will unlock the subtle energies within you. This course will allow you to heal anyone. In other words we can say that you can heal the whole universe.All yourphysical,emotional,financial problems will be resolved and ultimate powerful healing start to develop intrinsically.So why wait? Join Adhyatmik Vikas Mission without wasting much time and experience a great transformation in you.

As the 2NDlevel is progressing level so without any residual doubt Adhyatmik Vikas Mission will guide you towards self healing and distant healing. Distant healing will aid you to heal anyone sitting at remote location. No matter wherever you reside ,you can rectify situations at the comfort of your home. Procurement of telepathy will be a significant tool along with it.

Benefits of Reiki

  • 1. At the very first moment Reiki tends to show its impactful positive effects on mind and reiki for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, insanity and other mental problems are efficaciously treated by Reiki.

  • 2. Reiki is a holistic therapy system initiates an overall well being of an individual by boosting up the immune system and prevents many infectious and non infectious malady.
  • 3. Reiki is a spiritual and natural healing practice, thus there are no side effects of Reiki and cannot harm a person in any way.

  • 4. Reiki does not involve any religious practice. An atheist or non believer can easily practice Reiki energy medicine by following the simple guided meditation and techniques instructed by the Reiki master.

  • 5. Investment of time in practicing Reiki improves one’s wisdom and intellect. Sharpened mind with incredible concentration, focus and control on emotions empowers us to hold our own success and destiny and shape it according to our designed wishes.

Reiki 2nd Level

Three essential Japanese symbols which were bestowed upon by Masao Usui to his students are powerful symbols to bring positive vibrations. We at Adhyatmik Vikas Mission will give you practical lessons in executing these symbols in a correct and original way as performed by Masao Usui. The symbols are as follows :-

1.Power symbol: An appliance needs appropriate force to run which is possible through adequate amount of electricity. Similiar the case in power symbol which will give you ample vibrations and energies which invokes positive results.

2.Balancing symbol: There are instances when our emotions are unbalanced and affecting all aspects of our nature. We feel miserable and aimless in our life journey. Balancing symbol will give correct posture to these emotions and strike an equilibrium leading you to the path of calm and relaxed mental state.

3.Protection Shield: Reiki is a powerful and a delicate energising technique in which certain facets needs to perform carefully. Our practitioners will give you practical knowledge in handling harmful negative energies and teach you the manner to create a barrier between you and the opposite attracting energies.

An astounding system of Reiki unlock the power to heal the whole universe. Nature ,animals, friends ,relatives and your closed ones can easily be treated after learning this productive course.You can use the power of this course to test the favourable and unfavourable energies around you thus empowers you to choose the right decision in times of crisis.

Charge your consumable items and Water with loads of positive energies and procure a pleasing and healthy lifestyle. Examine your everyday products and items you use and heed the beneficial and detrimental energies in them.

Beyond all this Adhyatmik Vikas Mission will give you extensive knowledge about pyramid healing and Grid healing which is considers to a useful tool in restoring powerful positive energies.

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EFT Therapy Class will be of ₹ 501/- only (Special Offer) applicable for this particular EFT Camp (23rd August,2018)

Angel Therapy

प्रत्यक्ष को प्रमाण की आवश्यकता नहीं ,इसीलिए यदि आप भी angels की शक्तियों द्वारा स्वयं को ऊच्स्तर आयाम तक ले जाना चाहते है तो आपका स्वागत है इस विशेष कार्यक्रम में, स्वयं अनुभव कीजिये अब तक का अनदेखा व् अनसुना शक्तिशाली सकरात्मक एहसास |

Team Of Adhyatmik Vikas Mission
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Vikas Duggal Ji

Founder & CEO , alternative therapy expert(Reiki Grand Master)

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Rita Bedi Ji

Reiki Grand Master, Spiritual Healer ETC

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YogaCharya Mandeep Duggal Ji

India's Best Yoga Teacher

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Angel Anuradha Verma Ji

Healer & Expert in Angelic Healing

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